Travel to Meet the Queen of Beauty

Kerala is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacation. It is located in the south India. It is a small state in India, even though it is not much larger than the Maryland; it has got a population as big as California. The name Kerala means “Land of coconuts.” It is a green state and it is filled with coconut trees and palms shade. It attracts all kind of travelers with its palm fringed backwaters, Sandy beaches and green hill ranges. It is popular for thrilling snake boat races. You can enjoy and get refreshed in the Ayurveda resorts. It is more than a spa. Ayurveda is an ancient science. It has got its own place because of its effective qualities. Travelers can enjoy being at the sandy beach Kovalam which is known as the best beach in India.

Kerala is an ideal place for vacation, honeymoon, bird watching and wildlife. Travelers can have an intellectual adventure. Staying in the house boat cruises is another wonderful enjoyment. South Indian foods are world famous. In Kerala, you get fresh sea food combining with fresh spices and coconut, they make delicious vegetarian, fish and meat varieties. You should not leave Kerala without tasting the popular food “Kulal Puttu with Kadala Kari”, the delicious “Adai Pradhaman”. It’s a semi liquid sweet. Kerala is the center of spices. It grows cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper.

Here are the wonderful features we find in this queen of beauty:

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Heritage Sandy Springs Green and Museum

Heritage Sandy Springs is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic and cultural identity of the City of Sandy Springs. The group manages a four acre green space located in the heart of the city. This urban green space is a lovely oasis in a vibrant area on the north side of metro Atlanta. The park is the site of the new Heritage Sandy Springs Museum, as well as the home of the original “sandy springs” for which the area was named. It is located at Sandy Springs Circle and Sandy Springs Place.

Thousands of community residents and visitors enjoy a variety of programs each year at the park, including concerts, festivals, and educational programs. The terraced entertainment lawn is the site of many of these events. Smaller gatherings are regularly held at the gardens and Victorian gazebo. The restored Williams Payne House is the setting for the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum.

The museum held its grand opening in March 2010. Its purpose is to share the history and story of the Sandy Springs community, from its origins as a farming community to the city of today. The Williams Payne House is one of eight remaining structures in the city dating from the 19th century. The small farmhouse was built in 1869 and was moved from its original location in 1985. The restored structure showcases farm life in rural Georgia in the 1880s.

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How the Green Smoothie Was Discovered

My husband, our two younger children and I have been on the raw food diet for more than eleven years. We were able to heal all of our incurable, life-threatening diseases. However, after several years of being raw, each one of us began to feel like we had reached a plateau where our healing process stopped and even somewhat began to go backwards. Since then a burning question in my heart grew stronger every day. The question was, “Is there anything missing in our diet?” The answer would come right away: “Nope. Nothing could be better than a raw food diet.”

Yet, however tiny, the unwanted signs of less than perfect health kept surfacing, in minor but noticeable symptoms like a wart on a hand, a gray hair, etc. that instantly brought doubts and questions about the completeness of the raw food diet. Finally when my children complained about increased sensitivity in their teeth, I reached a state when I couldn’t think about anything else. I drove everybody around me crazy with my constant discussion of what could possibly be missing.

In my eager quest, I started looking at every single food that exists for humans. As my grandmother used to say, ‘Seek and ye shall find’. After many wrong guesses, I finally found the right one. Whew! I found one food group that particularly matches ALL human nutritional needs: greens. The truth is, we in my family were not eating enough greens. Moreover, we did not like them. We knew that greens are important, but we never heard anywhere exactly how much greens we need in our diet, just a vague recommendation to eat as much as possible.

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Make Going Green a Habit in Your Entire Lifestyle

After many millennium of abusing our planet, people are finally becoming savvy about the need to preserve the environment. If we plan to leave any kind of an Earth to our children and grandchildren, we need to learn to conserve the materials we can and come up with more environmentally friendly ways of going about our daily lives. In order to do this, however, new ways of going green need to be conceived every day. Although most of us have few ideas about ways we can apply ecology in our lives, there are others who are making products and services available to us that will help us fulfill this goal.

Going green is all about reusing materials instead of chucking them in the landfills. It also means that you should utilize modern technology in order to do your part in the ecology movement. By having certain types of mobile phones, for example, you’ll be able to use GPS to keep track of your carbon footprint while you’re out an about, avoid travel difficulties in order to cut down your emissions, print out maps that give you the shortest route, and increase your speed walking or bicycling. By riding a bicycle instead of taking your car, you can save as much as 10% of carbon emissions. All of these things benefit you as well as society in general.

Another simple way to go green is by enjoying one meatless meal every week. You’ve probably been noticing how the price of meat has skyrocketed in recent months, and if you stop to add in the tolls red meat production can take on both your health and the environment, you’ll discover just how costly it really is. Buy as much of your meat, produce, and dairy locally which will help pump more money back into your local economy. Choose organic when you can, and be sure that the meat you choose was raised in a humane manner.

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